About Us


Who doesn’t love something to get excited about, a good celebration and getting the people we love together? No one – and that’s exactly the reason I chose to go into the Events Industry nearly 10 years ago…that, and my inherent obsession for being organised! I’m Aimee, the person behind the business here at Velvet Rose Events – a huge hello and congratulations on the super exciting, special planning journey you’re on!

A bit about me... well, you'll normally find me with a prosecco in hand and my Labrador sprawled across my knee. When I'm not there I absolutely love to travel and have an ever-growing list of places I'm still to tick off. 


Having started with a degree in Events Management and going on to spend four and a half years as a corporate Events Manager, I realised that as much as I’d loved it, life is just too short and I was missing the best part of planning events, the parts I’d loved so much that led me to this career in the first place. I was missing seeing the joy on people’s faces as they shared special life moments together, having fun together, seeing people full of love celebrating real life, personal and emotional milestones.


That has led me here to creating Velvet Rose Events, and hopefully these are the things I will soon have the absolute privilege of sharing with you, as I help you to plan and execute your special event.

I have always prided myself on my customer service and providing a personal and professional, stress free experience to each and every one of my clients is my top priority. I am passionate about events and I can't wait to help you bring the joy of events to life in the most unique and memorable way.

Aimee x